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Hellos Viewers! :)

How are you? Hope you guys are fine! :) So..

Today I am going to share & talk about the Cleansers that are highly recommended by ME! (Although I am not a Super Uuuuuperr Professional, but this products improves my skin conditions A LOT!) & I hope it helps you too!

There will be 3 products
1. Red Pomegranate Whitening Cleanser (KOREA)
2. Hada Labo Facial Wash (JAPAN)
3.  Ettusais Acne Bar Soap (JAPAN)

Alright so FIRST, it's the "Red Pomegranate Whitening Cleanser" !

It's a pretty huge tube at about 300g! 
Pretty Good Cleanser that can be use on Face & Body!
Cost about $18 SGD  (If I am not wrong, I brought mines at SCAPE, saw it at Flea!)

It's a pretty good whitening cleanser although I do not need the Whitening Effect.

What ATTRACTS me about this product is: 
- It  Remove Acnes
-Tighten pores right after you wash it!
- Deep Cleansing Effect
- Remove your Dead Skin
- Natural Light Fragrance (smells good!)
- Smooth skin your skin :)

Furthermore, you can actually apply this cleanser on your dry clean face as a "Deep Cleansing Mask"!

Leave it on your face for about 5-10minutes, then wet your hands & massage your face for about 1-2 minutes then wash off! You'll see your face turning so smooth & clean and (Perhaps whitens up) ! :)

See! They have so many uses & it's really goooooooooodddddddddddddd! I love this product! 
Somehow, I can't seems to use finish >< 

This product is from Korea, sold in Korea, Taiwan & Singapore:) !

SECOND, it is the Hada Labo Facial Wash!(below)

I have used up mines! So if I am not wrong it's 150g !:)
Cost about $12.90-15.90 SGD (Can be found in Watsons, Guardian!)

This facial wash is suitable for all skin types! Including Sensitive skins :) It doesn't have strong scent at all.
Pretty Hydrating & Refreshing Cleanser. Love it !

Best of all, very suitable for Combination / Oily / Acne prone type! (It won't make your face more oily, but refreshing!! )

Hada Labo's Product, won't dry out your skin ! This is the part I love about Hada Labo! 

Not to forget, they are from JAPAN! (I love Japan products !)

Last but not LEAST! Ettusais Acne Soap Bar! (From JAPAN too!)

Packaging of the Soap Bar!

This is how it looks like when you open up!:) (Inner)
Cost $20 SGD, 100g!
(Can be found in Department stores like Isetan) "Singapore"

This is a oil-free soap which  forms a rich, creamy lather for a “cushion effect”. 
The ultra-fine bubbles remove dirt and old sebum cells from the skin, leaving it dewy fresh without any feeling of tightness. 

For this soap bar, it is highly recommended to those whom have oily/combination acne prone skin!
- Massage it with water, then put the soap in the soap cover(Once you got the foam of the bar)
- Rub your hands till you got a foam of creamy lather
- Message around your whole face gently
- Rinse off your face! That's it :)

That's the 3 products that I want to share with you guys!:) Hope you enjoy it!
For your Info, I will usually state & intro those that I can find them in Singapore as I know there are lots of Superb Beauty Products that are not available in Singapore. 

For those with problematic skins, you can try the above products which I have mention! Just remember, Don't give up on your skin :) You are not alone! I face this problems too, & those products I mention do helps me a lot! Give it a try :)

So yupp, hope you guys like it! Stay tune for my next entries !


*Take Note: I am not being paid for this reviews, all products are brought & paid by myself. Thanks :)

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25 October 2013 at 04:43

Hey! I was wondering where can I purchase the Red Pomegranate Cleanser? Because I live in England, and I ask my friends from Singapore to help me purchase things and it's kind of difficult if it's not from an actual shop. If you don't know, it's fine. Thank you.

10 November 2013 at 21:12

Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

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