Tomato Sugar Scrub For GLOWING SKIN *Home Remedies*

Hey guys! 

Do you know that Tomato are actually a fruit & not a vegetable?

I am going to share with you about Tomato Sugar Scrub FOR GLOWING SKIN! *Home Remedies*

Organic tomato are extremely good when used on your face as scrub or facial. It can keep your skin looking FRESH & YOUNG!

As tomato contains a high level of antioxidants(such as Lycopene) ! It is indeed a very beneficial fruit for your health & skin!

How you can create the scrub? Simple! You will only need 2 ingredients!
1. Tomato
2. Sugar

[ Just follow this steps: ]

- Take 1 tomato (organic or not it's okay)
- Cut off the top not too thin.(As you will use the head as the scrubber)
- Take a small bowl & pour a decent amount of sugar.
- Take the tomato head(the part which you cut), dip it into the sugar.
- Gently scrub all over your clean face in a circular motion.
- After scrubbing the goodness of the tomato, leave it on your skin for 5-10minutes as a mask :) then rinse away with cold water!
- Remember to apply your moisturizer after this tomato scrub!

By doing this, can actually helps clear your dead skin, fine lines or winkles & making you looks FRESH & YOUNG! It is also safe for people who are having acne skin!

You can use this scrub about 1-2 times in a week :)

Also, always remember be it facial or face scrub, always wash your face before doing it!

Hope this helps !

Now I am going to go & prepare for later on's event! Having Cheering event at Bishan Stadium :) Will post about that by tonight!

So stay tune! :)


3 Response to Tomato Sugar Scrub For GLOWING SKIN *Home Remedies*

9 September 2013 at 06:21

thats was a great experience when reading your blog i read many useful posts about skin tips thanks for the home remedies for glowing skin

26 March 2014 at 19:35

I tried this and it truly gives a glow to my skin. Thank you for the wonderful tips.

7 May 2016 at 00:10

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