How to Avoid Puffy Face in the Morning? :)

Hey viewers! :) Another TIP of the day again! 

How to Avoid Puffy face especially Morning ?=\\..
Always wake up feeling miserable / Super Sleepy Mode / "I WANT BEDDDDDDDDDDDD" ? 

Here's some TIPS that could help you! :) Check it out! ^^

Drink A Cup of Water in the Morning / 500ml (if you can)

Why? It's because you're dehydrated that's why you woke up with a puffy face!!  The fastest way to eliminate the puffiness in your face is to DRINK WATERRRRR! *It can help you flush out your dirty stuff in your body!*

Make sure you are hydrated at all times and you will find the puffiness in your face is reduce or so called "GONE!" :) 

Ice-Cold Water
Straight relief of a puffy face without the wait, splash your face with ice-cold water for a about 1 minute!

It helps to reduce the puffiness quickly!

The cold water treatment works the same way as it with a sprained ankle or swollen feet, reducing tissue inflammation with the ice. :)

Also,  Try to cut out your salt intake. 
Avoid eating too much junk food / food that contain a high amount of sodium like chips, canned soups and canned vegetables(tomato).

This will help you achieve a GLOWING Face! :)

Hope this helps you guys!:)


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