Cheering Event for Singapore National Games 2012!

Wow, today went to Closing Ceremony of Singapore National Games 2012 at Bishan Stadium to help out with the "Cheeeeringg!"

So, we meet up my lecturer at Tampines Interchange. He's a super duper nice teacher that even takes the time to meet up with me & my group of friends because we are unsure of the meet up location.

Reached Tampines Changkat CC & took the event's shirt and quickly change to it. Then, we keep saying jokes & making fun of it. :)  As time pass, we make our way to coach to get to our actual location at Bishan Stadium ! While sitting inside the coach bus! I am just so bored ._. so I decided to take some pictures!

Boredom, was actually using my phone's camera to check my hair!
But find it not bad so just took it! LOL right!

&&& yess. He's my boyfriend! *he looks so blurr, haha*

Alright so we reach our destination at Bishan Stadium. What's unfortunate is, suddenly a huge downpour rain during the rehearsal halfway & everyone was panic! Good thing they have a indoor shelter for everyone to stay in & wait till 7pm for the actual show to begin!

While in the indoor shelter of the stadium, we had our dinnnneeerrr! :) Chatting with my friends & what's shocking is so many guys went to take 2nd packet of rice & keep complain "HUNGRY AH HUNGRY" ! Gosh, I wonder if they can eat the whole tub of rice or not! Haha.

It's 7pm! We quickly get readyyy! It's show time! So here are some of the pictures while we are having fun with the 'pom poms' ^^.

Me & my friendss!

This is the group of friends of mine!
Everyone are just so cute & JOKER OF THE DAY. :)

We even wear PONCHO during our actual event day because it's raining while we are performing! Running around with pom poms & with wearing poncho in it! Woah, it's really very hottt!!! Everyone's shoe is soaking wet!! What a crazy day to be running in a big wet field!><

BUT. Today is really a very interesting & fun day! & also thanks to Dr Koo(the lecturer whom I mention on top without stating the name) for intro'ing us this memorable event!

Have a good rest everyone! Do remember to drink plenty of water :)

Take care !!


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9 September 2012 at 07:59

Yeah,i had fun too ^^

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