Bliss Life: Hate headaches!

Okay back! It's been so many days that I keep late post or didn't even post!

Sooo! It has been like 3-4 days every night I will be having massive heavy dizzy & head spins! Gosh hate that feeling!

Even hate to be sick! Solution? DRINK A LOT WATER ._.

This coming Friday-Sunday will be working at SCC for F1! Additional job scope? At registration counter serve customers & do cashiering for cash coupons =\\! Working till midnight! Am soooo excited to work again for SCC especially during F1! :) 

Tomorrow going swimming =\\ hope can chill my headache so won't get any fever! Its also been like, for 1 week++ I have been wearing lens at home & have not make my new spec yet as my degree for right eye has gone down *Yippes!* !:)

So its either this week or next week I will either do reviews on products or mask reviews!^^ 

Have a great day ahead everyone!:)

Good night to youu!


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