Bliss Life: After Exams.

Okay so.. The first day where I started blogging(4th Sept 2012) was actually the day that MY EXAMS ARE FINISHEDD!*screammmss*!! :)

But what's worse?

For first paper which is the EOP(Events) I actually screwed up a little! ): You know why?! BECAUSE THE SETTLE OF THE PAPER WASN'T OUR TEACHER & IT WAS FROM BISHAN ITE. Goshhh! The questions asked in the exam paper was totally ..hmm.. CRAZY & totally not straight to the point !! After exams, me and my friends meet up & say about the exam paper! It was just so screw up! How can they allow & set such a paper that's sooo not straight to the point?+.+

Luckily, the other 2 paper in the next 2 day was perfectly fine & so much easier than the first paper we encountered! :)

Right now, I am waiting for my results to be out in 'End of September' ! *Nervous* ><.

As for now, I'm waiting to go & work for SCC during F1 period ! :)

Also, all family have problems don't they? Some was okay, some was terribly while some was miserable. But life still goes on isn't it? Happy or not it is still a day. So why not choose to be happy? :)

Soo.. That's all for today !

Till then, take care everyone.


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