Bliss Life: About Blogger? Hate or not?

Hey guys!

So today I'm going to talk about 'Blogger? Hate or not?'.

Recently received a question about 'Can you talk about blogger's life?'

As you see, bloggers are always being criticize of what they do/say/behave/the way they looks.

& I'm going to talk about 1 successful blogger whose currently named the 'Queen of Blogger' in Singapore, as you know she's so called Xiaxue.

About Xiaxue, before she was famous I don't get it why people hate her due to her hair or the way she talks/behave or if she's plastic. Well I just want to tell & ask you guys, alright I know she did plastic in her nose to make her pretty. But does it affect or make you irritated? It's her life isn't it?

There's 2 points I would like to highlight:

1. Since you guys say 'omgg she's just plastic seriously, so disgusting.'

Then, I want to ask you. Korean-Pop known as K-Pop, they are all plastic! Which is far more A LOT plastic than Xiaxue. So do you hate K-Pop? No right? So why do you even hate Xiaxue for doing plastic? Plus she did it just to make her prettier & to satisfied herself. That's all. does it matters you?

2. Remarks from people "She's just a bimbo, pink-blonde hair -.-" .

Okay so what if she have pink-blonde hair?

First of all, girls, I would like to ask you, majority of you girls sure like pink am I right? Carrying pink bag/pencil case/water bottle/HP casing & etc etc. 

For guys, I would like to ask you, some of your do like pink don't you? Pink shirt/formal shirt/HP casing too. 

So question is, since you guys like/love pink, why even comment on Xiaxue saying 'Ohh what a bimbo, she knows nothing~' 

Seriously, I'm not defending her or neither do I know her in real life. I just want to be fair & want to tell all of you, seriously if you think Xiaxue is a bimbo. Then I have a question to ask you, 'if she's a bimbo, how can she even be the Queen of Blogging? Plus it's not like she know nothing.' seriously she have the talents on blogging & I totally respect her for who she is. 

You would not like to be judge or criticize am I right? You would not like to be judged so badly when a person knows nothing about you, am I right?

So it just basically means, think before you judge a person :) 

So yupp. That's all I want to say! Thanks for reading this entries. :)


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