Any Snacks to SAFE ACNE SKIN?!

Morning Everyone !:) 

So today before I go out, I will share with your about is there "Any Snacks to SAFE ACNE SKIN" ?!

There's one secret, one snack, one super nutritious snack that all of you can adopt to!

(Of course, you can choose not to eat those raw ones!)

Why pumpkin seeds? What are the benefits??
- Tasty, nourishing, nutty flavored seed has diuretic qualities! 
- It gives relief to irritated tissues, gets rid of ache. 
- To cure acne, you can consume pumpkin seeds, as they are are enriched with mineral zinc. 
- Mineral zinc is as important as vitamin A for your skin, as zinc allows stored vitamin A in the liver to be released into the bloodstream. 
- They also have Omega 3 !

So, to treat acne, you can either take a zinc supplement of 25 to 50 milligrams each day, or just simply eat pumpkin seeds, which are rich in this mineral ! :)

Just replace your potato chips, or any other food/snacks that you know it is unhealthy ! Replace them with PUMPKIN SEEDS!

For Singaporeans, wonder where can you find Pumpkin Seeds?  :)
Check out the store " Pat's Oven " in Singapore.
So here you goooo! To achieve Acne-free Skin!

Hope this help you guys! :)


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