2 TOP Recommended *HAIR MASK*

Hey guys!

So today I am going to share with you what are the 2 TOP Favourite HAIR MASK of mine!

1. Essential 'Ultra Honey & Shea Butter' 
2. Korres 'Shea Butter & Vitamins'

I have been using both of them from the beginning of the year & I love the Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter much more as it is so much more fragrance & it really does wonders to my hair! (I actually have about 3-4 more hair mask, but I will only recommend what's realllyyy gooood!)

Do you realise both of them have "Shea Butter" in it? :)

That's because Shea Butter is very very veryyyy good for your hair!!

Shea Butter has the natural sun protection qualities for your hair, 
provides moisture to your dry/damaged hair
also does the job of repairingprotecting against weather damage, dryness & brittleness!

So first up! I will tell your about
"Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask" !

 This is the Ultra Honey & Shea Butter ! *Front & Back*

This is the Inner of the Hair Mask!
The smell is sooo sweet! *Honey-like smell, very fragrance* 

For this Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask, it really does wonders to my hair. 

I have very dry & damaged hair but after using this, my hair felt so soft, smooth & less dry and what's more? It left a very refreshing & sweet scent on my hair! It just smell & looks good! :)

It claim to be more intensive care for severely damaged hair, especially the last 15cm. Yes it really works as I have really very nasty dry & damaged hair from all the 'perming & reborning' but after using this mask, it really works pretty well & my hair really become soft and very manageable. :)

If you ask me to rate this product out of 5? I would give it 4.5! I would recommend this to girls with long hairs/dry & damaged hair. 

(Price is also very very affordable! Brought mines at Watsons.)

Next, is the "Korres Shea Butter & Vitamins Hair Mask"!

 This is the Korres Shea Butter & Vitamins Hair Mask! *Front & Back*

 *The tip of it* Press to pump out the 'goodness' of it! :)
Nice & Pleasant smell !
Although this does not smell as sweet as the Essential Ultra Honey but it safes damaged hair!
Price might be a little costly. Brought mines at ION Orchard.

This hair mask, works amazingly for damaged, dry & tangled hair! What's best? NO CHEMICAL ADDED TO IT!

It nourishes and protects both the hair & scalp.

Not to forget, Shea Butter has excellent softening properties, while provitamins B5 easily penetrates the hair shaft, providing long-lasting hydration!

Vitamins A, E and B moistuirzes the scalp and enhance cell respiration thus strengthening the hair roots.

For this hair mask, you can apply them from roots to hair. But for me, I just focus on my hair ends. :) 

All hair mask, maximum you can put it up to 30minutes. Minimum 10-15minutes!

( TIP: I would always love to add on a shower cap whenever I just applied the hair mask onto my hair. So it acts as a heat up, great for your hair! ) -Like though you're in a salon wearing their hair cap! Haha :)

Soo I hope this helps! :)

*Take Note: I am not being paid for this reviews, all products are brought & paid by myself. Thanks :)


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4 February 2014 at 10:29

Look good! I like the honey one, might try it out. Thanks for sharing! Have you tried the argan oil hair mask by Pro Naturals, by any chance? My friends are raving on about it so I was wondering if you would review it?

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